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Creativity in Limited Space

The Spare Room Project helped creative people pursue their passion in limited space.

Now we’re finding creative success at Scintilla Studio, and business success at Unit 25.

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Go Take Pictures: What to do on a Photo Excursion

One of the simplest and most elusive truths about a creative lifestyle is that artists are the people who create art. Paul Simon summed up his decades of creative experience in his song "Hurricane Eye":  "You want to be a writer, but you don't know how or when?  Find...

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How Ruth Improved Her Sales Funnel Using Google Analytics

Ruth Rackley is the smiling face behind By Oily Design.  She is an essential oils advocate and blogger who helps busy moms learn to use essential oils for healthy living. Ruth was an enthusiastic part of the initial Conquer Google Analytics! students and one of the...

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Greens & Blue Co.’s Bring Your Own Creativity!

I've been a bit out of touch lately, because I've been working crazy hard on the upcoming Conquer Google Analytics! course, so when Katy of Greens & Blues Co. approached me about participating in her Bring Your Own Creativity 2016, I jumped on the challenge!  At...

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How to Fail Without Being a Failure

This goes out to the entrepreneurs who struggle to stay on top of things.  This is to the Type A's who go a little overboard with their commitments.  This is to anyone who feels like a failure because they haven't followed through on every single thing they've said...

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How to Create an Easy ConvertKit On-Click Button

If you're like me, you've probably been drooling over ConvertKit for a while.  Mariah Coz introduced me to its powerful features, and a webinar she co-hosted with ConvertKit creator Nathan Barry sold me on it.  They also gave the attendees a free month of ConvertKit,...

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Meet the team behind The Spare Room Project



Co-founder/Strategic Manager

With a vastly varied background in creativity – from hosting a radio show to jewelry design to filmmaking – becoming the Strategic Manager and Wearer-of-Many-Hats for TSRP was meant to be for Jenn!



Co-Founder/Marketing Director

With a background in broadcast media, journalism, graphic design, and multimedia production, Lucas loves being the Marketing Director and creative guru for TSRP!

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