“Some songs capture a moment so well, you can smell summer at 60 miles an hour, or feel the cold steering wheel as you drive away from someone you never thought you’d say goodbye to, or you can still taste the gum in your mouth before your first kiss. It’s like there’s three and a half minutes for every moment that you really felt alive.”
-“Worth Repeating


Musicians and Songwriting

If you play music for long enough, someone will eventually ask you if you write your own material. I always shake my head sheepishly and strum a few chords to change the subject, but a little part of me screams in frustration. I’ve played theaters, museums, street lights, city parks, classrooms, festivals, and crowded stages with songs ancient and brand new, simple and complex, funny and sad and everything in between – but none of them were mine.  What holds a musician back from becoming a songwriter?

29 Days Songwriting Challenge

Songwriting seems like some sort of mystic art, a secret known to only a few gifted stars like Adele or Ed Sheeran or Tom Waits.  I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that all great songwriters have something in common: at some point in their lives, they all wrote their first song.

The Spare Room Project is built on the idea that given determination and a good start, there isn’t a creative endeavor you can’t experience. I’d like to write songs, and I’d like to take the musicians in our audience along with me.

To that end, we’re introducing the #29Days Songwriting Challenge. Here’s how it works: throughout the month of February, write 14 songs as part of February Album Writing Month. 2016 is a leap year, so there’s an extra day for anyone needing a little extra grace. Every week we’ll be posting new methods and ideas to help you do it.

At the end of the month, we’ll select one song from our community to produce in our home studio during Audio Production month. Post your material to YouTube or SoundCloud and Tweet it @SpareTheRoom to enter.

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Submissions must be made by midnight on Monday, February 29th. We’ll post a list of the submitted songs on our blog, where TSRP readers can vote on the best one. Vote on Twitter or in the comments section of the blog. Voting opens Tuesday, March 1st and closes Saturday, March 5.

Sing with your own voice.

29 Days Songwriting FBTW

Co-Founder and Marketing Director at The Spare Room Project

Lucas is a writer by training, and a musician by nature, always looking for new ways to use the opportunities around him to their fullest. The Spare Room Project grew out of his love of music and DIY spirit. Growing up in northern Illinois, Lucas learned to be resourceful. This skill has carried through to TSRP projects, where learning to do more with less is crucial. With a background in journalism and multimedia production, Lucas is excited to be the Marketing Director and creative guru for TSRP.

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