The Spare Room Project

A taxing commute and a (literally) painful job made Jenn feel like she didn’t have the time or energy to pursue the creativity that had been so important to her in the past.

A cluttered apartment and busy evenings left Lucas with more goals than accomplishments.

Together they cleared the junk out of the spare room, and made a surprising discovery: creativity does happen when you devote a physical space to making it happen. 

That’s how The Spare Room Project began, with the simple goal of empowering creativity in limited space.  We’re an online community of creative collaborators, built around three simple ideas:

  1. You have to pursue creativity intentionally.
  2. Your physical space reflects your values.
  3. Being creative isn’t as hard as you think.

The Spare Room Project is a community of artists dedicated to helping people realize their creative potential with the resources and space they already have.  Some have found their voice again as we collaborate on music and audio production. Many have benefited from honest and practical articles about how to live a more creative life.

All it takes to pursue your passions is to carve out a physical space for them – a bedroom, a corner, even a card table.

Whatever your creative passion is, we’ll provide the inspiration and expertise to get you started and help you along the way.

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