I’ve been a bit out of touch lately, because I’ve been working crazy hard on the upcoming Conquer Google Analytics! course, so when Katy of Greens & Blues Co. approached me about participating in her Bring Your Own Creativity 2016, I jumped on the challenge!  At the beginning of each month, she’ll be sharing a creativity prompt.  It isn’t tailored for a particular medium; that’s why you’re bringing your OWN creativity to the table!

Bring Your Own Creativity 2016 from Blues & Greens Co.

I and several other gals will be sharing our creativity prompt results, along with Katy, near the end of June, July, and August.  I’m borrowing Katy’s links for the other gals from her BYOC post, so you can follow along, if you’d like:

Emily from Eltscott.com: website; twitter, instagram.

Julie from In Tandem: website; instagram, facebook.

Allie from Allie Explores: websitetwitter, instagram.

Gabrielle from A Life of Gab: website; twitter; facebook.

And, of course, Katy from Greens & Blues Co.: website; twitter; instagram.

You can join in the fun by creating your own project(s) based on the month’s prompt, and then sharing them with the hashtag #byocreativity.  I can’t wait to see what you create!

June’s Bring Your Own Creativity prompt: Create something that represents summer (or your current season, for those in other parts of the world!).

Bring Your Own Creativity 2016 from Blues & Greens Co.

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