Are you a blogger or entrepreneur?  Then you’re exactly who I’ve been looking for!  I’m creating a Google Analytics course for bloggers and entrepreneurs, and I could use some help! I’ve created a short survey (only takes a minute or two!) to help me gauge the areas where people want to know more about GA, so that I can make sure they’re incorporated into the course. As a thank you, at the end, you’ll have a chance to enter to win the course for free, too!

Google Analytics Course Beta Testers Needed

I’m also looking for 15 beta testers.  That includes free access to the course before the launch, as well as affiliate opportunities!  There’s more information on the beta program underneath the survey.  For more information on the course in general, CLICK HERE!

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Beta Testing Information

Want to get access to the Google Analytics course before the rest of the world?  This is your opportunity!  I’m accepting 15 beta testers for this testing round, and you could be one of them.  Here’s the info:

What You Get

  • Access to the course before the launch, and the opportunity to keep the course (AND the updates and support!) for half price when the course launches
  • Learn the basics of Google Analytics, including how to install Google Analytics the easy way without a plugin, how to decrease your ghost spam by ~95% in ONE fell swoop, how to utilize the Search Console better, and more!
  • Learn more advanced Google Analytics tools, such as setting up Goals, tracking conversions, creating custom dashboards, and more
  • The chance to help determine what content is needed in the course, based on YOUR feedback!
  • The opportunity to join the affiliate program for the course, as well as get bonuses for participating in the affiliate program during the launch!


  • Beta testers will be expected to participate in a weekly feedback group, either on Slack or Facebook (platform depends on group consensus)
  • Beta testers will give a testimonial before the launch
  • Beta testers can also give a more in-depth case study, which gives them access to the affiliate program if they remain in the course after the beta testing period
  • Beta testers are not required to complete the entire course – not all lessons are applicable to all situations – but will be expected to complete at least 50% of the lessons

If you’re in, just fill out the form below, and we’ll talk soon!

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Google Analytics Course Beta Testers Needed

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