How a Chair Can Change Your Life

It only takes one thing to turn you around sometimes. This chair changed me.

The One Change

For almost two months, I have been using hand-me-down dining chairs as my ‘office chair.’  Anyone who has ever tried something like this will know how horrible the experience is!

The chairs I used were too short for my desk, which is pretty short already.  I’m not a tall person, so this only compounded the problem of my wrists being at a bad angle.  On top of this, my spine wasn’t in a good place either, so I had near-constant back pain.

Do you think I wanted to be sitting at the computer for long?

No, sir!

I had no desk chair, though, so I was so I had a dilemma: how to find a chair that would hurt rather than hinder.

Finding “Just Right!”

See, I’ve used plenty of desk chairs in my day.  I’ve used the creaky $20 ones and the more plush, but still uncomfortable versions of those.  I’ve used ones with arms and ones without.  I’ve tried wheeled chairs and stationary ones.  Yet I have never found a desk chair that worked quite right.  I have nerve issues, some of them stemming from work injuries, so that doesn’t help either.

The closest I’ve every come to the right chair was a stool at my old job.  It wasn’t perfect, but it got me to the right height at the tall counter to type, and it had no arms. (Arms on chairs seem to make MY arms go numb so fast!)  I didn’t want a stool, but I figured maybe that would be a good place to start looking.

“Too Small”

So where do you look for office chairs?  Office Depot and Staples, of course!  Well, in this case, wrong.

Who knew that the office stores have such a pathetic selection of chairs?  They all seem to be variations on a theme!  Not to mention that the price tags for these clones is ridiculous.  NO thanks!  I don’t want to spend $150+ on a chair that’s bigger than I am and will make my arms go numb!

Which meant. . . on to the next option.

“Too Big”

So where do you go next?  Wal-mart and Amazon.  The big boys of retail.  They have everything, right?  Uh. . . well, not so much, as it turns out.

My preferred budget was under $50.  I soon realized this was going to be unfeasible for what I wanted.  Okay, fine!  I upped it to $80.  Still no dice.  Everything that was around that price range was nice. . . for someone else.  Again I found big, plush chairs that looked like they would swallow me whole.  This relationship was going nowhere.

Finally – “Just Right!”

I decided to go a little more unconventional.  I had about five Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% off coupons.  Every little bit helps, so I figured it was worth a look, because you never know.

Apparently BB&B knows, though!  Because I discovered that the elusive Perfect Chair that I have been searching for since my teens is a knee chair. (Yes, that is the actual chair I bought.  No, it isn’t an affiliate link; I just love it that much.)  Never heard of a knee chair?  I hadn’t either!

It’s essentially a sloped, wide stool, with another pad below and in front of the seat.  You’re supposed to put your knees on the bottom pad and sit on the seat.  It helps you sit straighter, which has drastically reduced my back pain!  It also adjusts to the right height for my desk, which has reduced my wrist and arm pain as well.  I’m kind of in love with this chair.

How Finding This Chair Changed My Life

Like I said, before I got this chair, trying to do school or blog or consult at my desk was literally a pain.  I wanted to do pretty much anything except sit at the computer.  Since getting this chair, I’ve actually been excited to sit down at the computer and work!  School isn’t quite as dreary a proposition, though I still don’t look forward to it right now. (Huzzah for having to repeat biology and management courses.  Not.)  Blog post ideas have come more easily, probably because I’m not afraid of sitting down to write them.  Not having back pain has even affected my sleep, which has changed just about every other part of my life.

So, a chair really CAN change your life!

What’s changed your life?  Share with us in the comments or on social media!

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Having grown up near Seattle, Jenn is Washingtonian to the core, and believes that trees that lose their leaves are unnatural and snow is evil. Right now, though, she calls the-middle-of-nowhere Ohio home, having stayed after college. With a vastly varied background in creativity – from hosting a radio show to jewelry design to filmmaking – becoming the Strategic Manager and Wearer-of-Many-Hats for TSRP was meant to be!

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