Ruth Rackley is the smiling face behind By Oily Design.  She is an essential oils advocate and blogger who helps busy moms learn to use essential oils for healthy living.

Ruth was an enthusiastic part of the initial Conquer Google Analytics! students and one of the first to complete the course.  Throughout her Google Analytics journey, she has made discoveries that could change her business, and we want to share them with you!

Ruth Google Analytics Blog Business Boost

A little bit about Ruth first:

She’s a wife, and a mom to two beautiful little girls. When not being a full time mommy, she’s a professional photographer and blogger.  Her family lives on a farm just outside a small college town, living a happily imperfect life!

If you haven’t checked out her site yet, you need to pop over to!

Ruth’s Google Analytics Journey:

Ruth and I chatted about her Google Analytics discoveries and how they have impacted her business.  She generously offered to share this journey, in her own words, so take it away, Ruth!

Where did your Google Analytics journey start?

Well, I thought I was at an Intermediate level in Google Analytics (GA), but in truth now that I have taken the Conquer Google Analytics! course, I look back and realize I was more like a beginner. I had no clue how much GA could do.  I honestly thought it was just pageviews and bounce rates!

What about your opinion of Google Analytics has changed?

I’ve learned so much from completing the Conquer Google Analytics! course.  There is still lots I need to absorb and read back over.  I’ve even gone back to a few of the sections just to refresh my memory and caught things I missed the first time I read through.  I can see keeping this course handy as my blog grows and I see the need to strengthen and refresh my Google Analytics skills!

What discoveries have you made about Google Analytics?

I’ve had so many game changers!  First off would be Ghost Spam.  Once I fixed the ghost spam problem and gave my site a month to begin collecting real data. . .  man, what a difference it made in my numbers!  It also helped me better understand my true audience.

The In-Page Analytics is such a hidden gem!  I love how it shows piece by piece in the real page view what is working and what is not!  I could spend days just combing through my site utilizing this amazing tool.  I would have never even known it existed if I had not taken this course!  In just a few minutes, I found major places in my site that I needed to make adjustments to see huge differences.  I would never have caught them using GA in the way I had been before taking the course.

What have been your biggest breakthrough(s) during the course?  How have they affected your blog or business?

I would have to say the biggest breakthrough was when I realized that my Sales funnel was working.  Before that, I was blaming my sales funnel and was wasting time and energy trying to get it to work.  Instead, I found I was getting tons of people clicking from my blog post to my sales page and that it was my sales page that wasn’t doing its job.  I have since rewritten my sales page and I look forward to hopefully it working now!  If not, I know how to continue to watch it using In-Page Analytics to see where I may be dropping the ball.  I am also playing with the idea of using Experiments in Google Analytics to see if other versions of sales pages could perform better.

What advice would you give to a fellow blogger or entrepreneur who is thinking about getting started with Google Analytics?

For new bloggers, learning Google Analytics is key to your blog growing by leaps and bounds! Without being able to understand who your market is and how they interact on your site you could be wasting loads of valuable time on things that will not help you grow. GA can help you narrow your focus, set realistic goals for your market and help monitor execution to ensure fast growth. Since taking this course and putting Jenn’s teaching into practice I have doubled my pageviews by listening to what my audience wants from me and then targeting their needs in my blog post.

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Ruth Google Analytics Blog Business Boost

What we can learn from Ruth’s Google Analytics journey:

1. There’s more to Google Analytics than you may think!  While Google Analytics can definitely tell you how many pageviews and visitors you’re getting, you may not be getting the most out of it!  Ruth thought she was at an intermediate skill level with Google Analytics, but the more she learned, she realized she had known a lot less than she thought.  That’s a GOOD thing!  It means that it opened up a whole lot more growth opportunities that she didn’t know were possible, because she hadn’t reached her max potential.  In her coursework for the Conquer Google Analytics! course, the real-life examples helped her find ways to grow her blog and business, and you can do the same!

2.  Google Analytics can give you much-needed audience insights.  Ruth made a great point that understanding your market and how they interact on your site can make a HUGE difference.  Not only can you find out demographics information, but you can use Google Analytics to find out exactly what paths people are going through on your site and SO much more!  By knowing what her market was and where they were going, Ruth was able to double her pageviews and revamp her sales page to increase sales!

3.  Google Analytics can change your business!  Ruth used GA to completely re-evaluate her business.  She found that a lot of her suppositions about her business model were incorrect and required different fixes than she had intended.  Using tools like the Users Flow report can tell you whether your sales funnels are working or not.  There are so many game-changing tools like this in Google Analytics that Ruth and Emily learned about through the Conquer Google Analytics! course that changed their businesses and can change yours as well!  If you want to grow your business and are only using Google Analytics for basic stats (or not at all!), you’ll want to get in the game ASAP!

Ruth is a student of Conquer Google Analytics!, which helps bloggers and entrepreneurs learn how to harness the power of Google Analytics to build their blog or business and grow their audience.  With self-paced lessons and an optional support community (community enrollment only opens a few times a year, you can get on the waiting list right now!

Got any questions about Google Analytics?  Ask away in the comments!

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