Building a business is hard!  Social media followers and awesome site traffic don’t come overnight.  But there are some ways that you can building your business AND have fun at the same time!  Twitter Chats are quickly becoming one of my favorites.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Join Twitter Chats!

Why Twitter Chats are AWESOME!

A while ago, I decided to ditch Twitter.  I was wrapping up figuring out how to best use Pinterest, and Twitter wasn’t my main priority.  After coming across a post listing weekly Twitter Chats for creatives, though, I decided to give one of them a shot.

It was Monday, and #CreativeCoffeeHour was going to be happening in a couple of hours.  I quickly set up a TweetDeck column for the Chat and waited for 9pm (EST, for anyone who’s wondering!).  I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but that was silly – in a good Twitter chat, you definitely can’t!  With TweetDeck, you’ll be able to catch most of the Tweets, though.

After that first Twitter Chat, I am hooked!  And you should be too.  If you’ve been thinking about joining Twitter Chats, you need to just dive in!  Here are six ways you’ll benefit from participating in Twitter Chats:

1) New Contacts and/or Prospects

Almost right away, I connected with a couple of gals on the #CreativeCoffeeHour Twitter Chat.  We seemed to be on the same page with the questions, and we had a couple of conversations during the chat.  Several of us followed each other, and I’m looking forward to building those relationships in the future.

When you first jump into an established Twitter Chat, you’ll be able to see who the regulars are.  One day, you’ll be one of them!  These are the people who often keep in contact outside of Twitter Chats.  They may be accountability partners, collaborate with each other, or any number of things that are mutually beneficial.  This is the kind of relationship that you can find within a Twitter Chat!

You might also stumble across people who need the services or resources you offer.  Twitter Chats are not the place to sell yourself, though (it’s usually okay to link to your blog or business, but only if it’s relating to the question you’re answering).  Keep track of these people, though – jot a quick note on a Post-It or Like their Tweet.  Once the Chat is over, you can get back in contact with that person and point them towards your resources.  Just be careful how you present it – you don’t want to be the obnoxious salesperson!

2) Valuable Information – for FREE!

One of the best things about Twitter Chats is the content!  In typical Chats, the coordinator will be asking questions throughout.  The answers that come back can be so valuable.

Whether it’s someone sharing an article that relates to the question, or sharing their method to do X, they’re sharing it for FREE.  Twitter Chats are all about people with something in common sharing their knowledge and their takes on things they all care about.  Take advantage of it!  Make sure you’re willing to share your own information in return.

3) Much-Needed Encouragement and Motivation

It can be lonely, being a creative and/or business owner.  Twitter Chats give you the chance to connect with other creatives or business owners.  It’s a great environment, with everyone there to share and encourage each other.

One of my favorite questions in this week’s #CreativeCoffeeHour was, “What scares you most about the goals you’re setting for yourself right now?”  It gave us all an opportunity to share what we’re concerned about, and it also gave us a chance to share encouragement and resources to support each other.  That support is such a great motivator!

4) New Role Models

Sometimes you’ll discover that one of those people whose articles you are always repinning is in one of your Twitter Chats!  It’s fun to realize you’ve been chatting with someone you already look up to.  It helps you remember that they’re humans too, and they might have the same fears and goals that you do.

During Twitter Chats, you can also find new role models.  There might be someone who you never heard of, but who shares insights that inspire you.  Finding new awesome people to follow, whether it be on a blog or social media posts, is always fun!

5) Challenges Your Comfort Zone

Twitter Chats can seem a little daunting before you jump in, especially if you’re an introvert.  But never fear!  There are a lot of other people who participate in Twitter Chats who felt the same way once.


Jumping into a Twitter Chat is a great way to challenge your comfort zone.  Whether it’s because you have a hard time connecting with people or because you don’t think you have anything of value to offer, you’re bound to discover that’s not true.  Whatever reason you have for not joining Twitter Chats… set it aside and just jump in.  You’ll thank yourself later!

6) New Ideas or Perspectives

One of the best things about Twitter Chats is the variety of different perspectives present.  The same way that one premise can yield a myriad of different versions of the story, one question in a Twitter Chat will yield a myriad of different answers.  While you might think the answer is obvious, someone else will have a different take.

These different perspectives can trigger new ideas for you!  It might be something small, or it could be something huge, like a new social media tip that changes your business or a support group you’d never heard of.  Whatever it is, don’t forget to thank the person after the Twitter Chat!

6 Reasons Why You Need to Join Twitter Chats!

By overcoming whatever is stopping you from joining Twitter Chats, you could change your business!  As overwhelming as it may feel for the first ten minutes, it’s completely worth it.  The new contacts, information, encouragement and ideas that you can glean from Twitter Chats are invaluable!

Have you participated in Twitter Chats?  What did you take away from the experience?

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